Dune-like spacesuit recycles urine into drinking water

Scientists at Cornell University are trying to improve one of the less cool, but still practical, parts of Dune a reality. In a new study this week, the team debuted a design for a spacesuit that recycles urine into drinkable water, similar to the stillsuits worn by the Fremen of Arrakis. The suit should allow … Read more

Interactive map shows America’s cancer hotspots

By Emily Joshu Health Reporter for Dailymail.Com 16:56 Jul 12, 2024, updated 19:20 Jul 12, 2024 An official U.S. map shows where America’s biggest cancer hotspots are, with large parts of the South and Midwest in red. This follows a major study earlier this week that found nearly half of cancer deaths in the US … Read more

Boeing Starliner could return to Earth if needed, but it doesn’t want to do that yet: NASA

Photo: Joel Kowsky/NASA (Getty Images) Despite the development delays and a drastically extended mission, NASA said Wednesday it plans to bring the Boeing Starliner back from the International Space Station by the end of July. The space agency also stated that the spacecraft would be able to evacuate to Earth immediately if an emergency were … Read more

At least 2 dead after flooding in Northern Vermont

Officials have confirmed at least two deaths from flooding in Vermont. On Thursday evening, crews in Lyndonville, Vermont, found the body of a driver who was washed away on a flooded road. >> Photos show storm damage in northern New Hampshire from remnants of Hurricane BerylBystanders tried to detain the man, but police believe he … Read more

Introducing Star Wars Outlaws Syndicates – IGN First – IGN

Introducing Star Wars Outlaws Syndicates – IGN FirstIGN Creating Star Wars Outlaws’ galaxy: “We immediately realized that the true Star Wars open-world experience has to go beyond planetary surfaces”Game Radar Some Star Wars Outlaws planets can be crossed in 4 or 5 minutes with a SpeederIGN Ubisoft says a Star Wars Outlaws planet is the … Read more

Shelley Duvall Obituary | Shelley Duvall

Toothpick-thin with bingo eyes, a Modigliani face and a quivering, broken-puppet voice, Shelley Duvall, who has died aged 75, would have been an unforgettable screen personality at any point in history. That she began acting in the 1970s, when the unorthodox and eccentric enjoyed a brief window of opportunity in American cinema, was fortunate. That … Read more