Beverly Hills Cop 4’s Happy Gilmore Cameo Explained By Director

This article contains mild spoilers for Beverly Hills Agent: Axel F.

Beverly Hills agent: Axel F. is a very nostalgic film, as Eddie Murphy returns as Axel Foley three decades after the last time he played the role. There was also a nice cameo in the film that might be funny for Happy Gilmore fans.

In one scene, Happy Gilmore actor Christopher McDonald appears briefly as an angry golfer. The role is very similar to Shooter McGavin, the antagonist McDonald played in Happy Gilmore. He is only listed as “golfer”, and he is not mentioned by name, but the nod to Happy Gilmore will still be clear to fans of the Adam Sandler comedy. That was intentional, as director Mark Molloy confirmed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.


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I had no idea they were doing it Happy Gilmore 2” Molloy noted, referring to recent news that a Happy Gilmore sequel is in the works at Netflix. “I was talking to Mary Vernieu, our casting director, about the golfer role that we knew we had, and I said, ‘I would love a cameo.’ So we started talking about it, and then we said, ‘Christopher McDonald!? Oh yeah! That would be awesome.’ And fans love it. I’ve heard the reaction when people see Chris on screen, and it’s just a really fun cameo. So there’s no bigger story behind it, besides the fact that I want to have some fun.”

“I’ve heard the reaction when people saw Chris on screen, and it’s just a really fun cameo.”

McDonald will reprise his role as Shooter McGavin in Happy Gilmore 2teamed up with Adam Sandler for a sequel to the classic comedy. No plot details have been revealed yet, and it’s unclear which other actors from the first film will return for the second installment. McDonald was the one who first broke the news that Sandler had a script ready for the sequel, although it wasn’t known at the time that it would be for Netflix.


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Fans finally get a happy sequel to Gilmore

“Here’s some quick intel,” McDonald said during an interview for Audacy’s 92.3 The Fan in Cleveland in March. “I saw Adam [Sandler] about two weeks ago, and he says, ‘Hey, McDonald, you’re going to love this.’ I said, ‘What?’ [He says] “What do you think about that?” And he shows me the first version of Happy Gilmore 2… He showed me that, and I thought, ‘Well, that would be awesome.’ So, it’s in the works. Fans are demanding it, damn it.”

Beverly Hills agent: Axel F. is now available on Netflix.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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