‘Destiny 2’ Discusses Exotic Class Item Drop Rate, Hunter Nerfs, and Glimmer Droughts

As Destiny 2 gears up for the launch of the next act in the Echoes Episode, it has taken to Twitter to respond to a number of player questions about the current state of the game in the meantime.

I’ve gone through the answers, including one to a question I asked, and there’s some useful information in there that I think you should be aware of if certain things are bothering you right now in the game:

  • Nerfs are being looked at for Prismatic Hunter due to overperformance and irritation in the Crucible.
  • There are no plans to add new raid souvenirs to old raids, even though Salvation’s Edge has one now.
  • I can’t promise that specific weapons will be re-released (Bygones was suggested, and I agree), but they will compile a list of requests and pass them along.
  • There are no plans to convert Ascendant Shards into Glimmer for enthusiastic Grandmaster farmers.
  • The chance of Glimmers dropping will likely increase due to the widespread shortage following the removal of Legendary Shards.
  • The team is “aware” of the drop rates of exotic class items in the Pale Heart, or simply the time and RNG it takes to get specific roles. Likely changes are coming, but no details or timeline.
  • Some weapons aren’t using the improved perks like they should, we’re going to fix that.
  • They’re gathering feedback on even more Stasis buffs, which still feels like it’s lagging behind other subclasses.
  • Previously, but not in this thread, Bungie has said that they are looking into expanded Titan buffs as the game lags far behind in terms of PvP and PvE usage.

My main question was about exotic class item drops, since farming them is so exhausting right now that it just doesn’t seem worth it to do a specific roll with such poor RNG. You can recruit a friend and do a quick but slightly complicated mission on the mic for a single drop, or you can roll around speed chest farming in the Pale Heart for faster drops but in a way that makes your brain want to fall out of your skull. There have to be better options here, and some have suggested focusing, duplication prevention, or “saved” perks that you collect. No word on what Bungie might actually do, but I’m betting they’ll do something. Maybe when Act 2 launches.

Bungie is back on the communications train with players, largely fueled by the return of DMG to the communications team after some time away and a stint at Riot Games. He left voluntarily prior to the company’s infamous layoffs, but now he’s back and communications have improved. Previously, comms and social media were understaffed following layoffs. That’s likely still the case, and those team members are coping.

So there is some interesting information in there. I look forward to solutions and implementations for many of these items.

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