Rogue Company came back from the dead to take out Dr Disrespect

Rogue Company, a game that hasn’t received an update since October 2023, has been patched by the developers to remove their Dr Disrespect crossover.

Dr Disrespect had a huge impact on the gaming community, with millions of followers and multiple collaborations between Turtle Beach, Midnight Society and others.

However, after information became public about his inappropriate messages to minors, all of these companies severed ties with Dr. Disrespect.

Turtle Beach removed the Dr Disrespect headphones from its storefront and Midnight Society, a gaming company co-founded by Doc, decided to end its partnership with him.

Rogue Company, a game developed by HiRez, caught the attention of the gaming community in its early stages because it was a new five-vs-five multiplayer shooter. During the hype, the developers collaborated with Dr Disrespect to create a skin and a whole map dedicated to him.

The game has seen almost a year of inactivity, with no new content or updates from the developers. However, a few players noticed that Dr Disrespect’s skin had been subtly removed from the game.

A Redditor posted a video of themselves playing Rogue Company with the Dr Disrespect skin on. It appears that while the skin appears on the start screen, it defaults to a different character in-game, and the same goes for when the game ends and the characters reappear.

Following the release of the video and responses on their subreddit confirming refunds, the developers at Rogue Company reached out to X and announced that all content related to Dr Disrespect had been removed.

“Hey Rogue Company, we have disabled Dr Disrespect content that was previously available in-game. We will be issuing full Rogue Buck refunds to all impacted accounts this week,” the company said on X.

Despite the promise of refunds, players were unhappy with the decision to return the money in the form of in-game currency instead of real money.

“Give me my money back I don’t want to buy your other crappy skins,” said one commenter.

Rogue Company has assured players that they will receive their money back during the week of July 8th through July 14th, so please check your account for in-game currency.

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