Ryanair flight: Mass brawl on Ryanair flight forces pilot to make emergency landing. Family asked to switch seats

A Ryanair flight was diverted last week while flying at 30,000ft after a fight between two families turned into a mass brawl — 30 minutes into the flight. Footage published by the Sun shows passengers shouting at each other on the flight from Morocco to London. A witness to the shocking brawl said it all started when a passenger asked a woman to switch seats so he could sit with his wife and children.

The woman was sitting with her daughter and refused to move seats. The man became angry and started threatening the woman.

All this happened when the plane was preparing to take off, the pilot was not aware of the heat developing inside. After the plane took off, the woman’s husband came to her defense and then men started beating each other.

The airline staff tried to calm both parties down, but soon a huge brawl broke out. One of the fighting families was part of a larger group and all the families joined in the fight.

“Then a lady in the row behind had a panic attack because of everything that was happening. She was screaming and there were children crying. It was like a snowball effect,” said one passenger who described the journey as an escape from hell.

In the chaos, another person fell ill and had to be given oxygen during the flight.

The plane was diverted and landed in Marrakech about 30 minutes after takeoff. Flight tracker website FlightAware showed the journey of flight RUK3034 as it took off from Agadir, a city on Morocco’s southern Atlantic coast.

The man who fell ill began to curse at the cabin crew and said he was being treated like a terrorist.

It took the police and cabin crew two hours to remove the disruptive passengers from the plane, while all the pilots were taken to a hotel where they had to spend the night. They were booked on another flight for the next day, but that was also cancelled.

Ryanair confirmed the incident in a statement to MailOnline and apologised for the ‘diversion and subsequent delay caused by a small group of disruptive passengers’, saying it was beyond the airline’s control.

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