SMEJ, Aniplex, Palworld Game Developer Form Palworld Entertainment – News

New joint venture for development Palworld IP outside the game

Image via IMDB

Sony Music Entertainment Japan Inc. announced on Wednesday that it and its subsidiary Aniplextogether with Palworld game developer Pocketpair, have formed a new joint venture called Palworld Entertainment. The company aims to expand and develop “new business” for the Palworld game, and to develop the reach of the intellectual property, licensing and merchandising beyond the game.

Palworld Entertainment’s first merchandise for the game will be available at Pocketpair’s booth at gall bladder 2024 World Event in Shanghai on Friday, July 12.

Pocketpair made its debut with its Palworld multiplayer survival game on January 19 as a Steam Early Access game. The game reached 25 million users within a month of its release.

Players and critics initially noted that the designs of many of the ‘Pal’ creatures in the game resembled the Pokémon franchise‘s title Pokémon. The Pokémon Company released a statement shortly afterwards Palworld’s reports that it is investigating possible copyright infringement by an unnamed game manufacturer. The Pokémon Company has not issued any follow-up statement or taken any action since then.

Sources: Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Pocketpair via Gematsu

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