Weekly Horoscope Readings for Each Zodiac Sign: July 7-13

Frances McDormand, a Cancer.
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On Thursday, love planet Venus enters Leo, the proudest sign of the zodiac. Over the next month, everyone (including you) will likely be craving a little extra praise, affirmation, or simple attention. There’s no point in trying to act cool right now — people respond more to warmth and generosity than shyness and mystery. The more generous you are with the people you care about, the happier your relationships will be. In the meantime, here’s a weekly horoscope for every sign.

You’ve been struggling with decision-making lately, because every choice feels so vital. You’re afraid of wasting your limited time on earth, or of disappointing the people you care about, stressed about the potential consequences of even the smallest action. But while it’s important to treat your life and your choices as if they matter (because they do!), at some point, enough is enough. Try taking yourself less seriously. Let your sense of humor and inner playfulness have a say in your decisions this week. The world is scary right now, but you’re allowed to have fun, too.

It’s easy to idealize the past when the present seems grim and ugly and the future looms terrifying. You start to imagine that past versions of your life were special and magical, that old relationships were perfect, that your best moments are behind you. Remind yourself that this isn’t really true. Life may be hard right now, but that doesn’t mean it’s all suffering and loneliness from here on out. Look ahead with courage. There is love out there for you. There is meaningful work for you to do. There is beauty out there that you can’t even imagine yet.

Lately, you’ve been feeling overlooked and underestimated by those in power in your life. No one who can offer you opportunities seems to recognize your energy, your ideas, your creativity — so forget the bosses and authorities this week. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do exciting things with your life; it’s possible to start now. Of course, institutional support would be nice, but it’s not necessary. You have your own ideas, friends who are ready to work with you, and inspiration that can be found right in your own backyard. You have the freedom to do what you want.

You know people who never seem to be satisfied. No matter how much love, praise, or money they have, they always need more. You don’t want to be like that, constantly hungry for the next great thing. You’d rather learn to appreciate what you have, to live happily in the world as it really is. Just remember that you don’t have to accept everything the universe throws at you. If your life is making you unhappy, for whatever reason, you don’t have to take that on your conscience. You have other options. You get to make a change.

As confident as you are, you are more self-critical than most people realize. You have high standards for yourself and can be unnecessarily harsh when you think you are not living up to them. But beating yourself up doesn’t work, so this week your challenge is to put a stop to that. If you can’t silence the judgmental voice in your head, practice ignoring it. You don’t have to be perfect before you can like yourself. Other people love you; they enjoy your company and want to spend time with you. Why shouldn’t you feel the same way?

There are plenty of situations where it makes perfect sense to keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself. Maybe you’re around people you don’t fully trust; maybe you need some time to process your emotions before you can share them. But don’t get mad at the people you love if they can’t sense your emotional state or read your thoughts. You don’t owe anyone a window into your inner life — you You can choose who you let in, but if you want others to understand how you feel, it’s up to you to make that known.

When it feels like the future is already written, it’s hard to muster the energy to put in much effort. If nothing you do makes a difference, why bother trying? This week, however, you’re reminded that anything can happen. The universe is strange and surprising. Nothing is set in stone. Your job is to live as if another future is possible, and to trust that your actions—no matter how small—will bring you one step closer. Don’t write yourself off just yet. You have far more power than you realize.

You’re not the type to spill all your feelings to anyone who will listen. You hold yourself back a little, perhaps out of self-preservation, perhaps because you like to maintain an air of mystery. But when you keep people guessing, you also make it harder for them to really get to know you. While it can feel safer to keep people at a distance, it gets lonely after a while. Practice sharing more of yourself than you normally would. Sometimes it’s stressful to be in the spotlight, but this week, give yourself the warm glow of your friends’ attention.

If there’s one thing you can’t stand, it’s being pushed. When someone tells you what to do, you probably do the opposite; when a friend tells you how you’re “supposed” to think or feel, you plug your ears and walk away. Yet, lately, you’ve been craving guidance. You’ve been wishing there was someone out there who could show you how to find the meaningful life you’ve been dreaming of. Stay strong this week: don’t look for someone else to tell you how to live. Your job is to keep searching. It may not feel easy right now, but you will find your way.

It seems like everyone—including you—is fighting for limited resources and opportunities. People are all fighting to reach the top of the mountain, to have the most. But even if you succeed, it won’t be a satisfying victory. The only real way to win now is to refuse to fight. When ego clashes begin to develop, decide to walk away. Cooperation and connection will be so much more rewarding than beating someone else. Think creatively. Open your heart. It really is possible for everyone to get what they need.

It’s hard to be motivated in your work when you can’t see future success, hard to get excited about a relationship when you’re not sure where it’s going. You can tolerate uncertainty as long as you’re confident it’s all going to lead somewhere better. For now, though, try to keep your eyes off the future. Deep connections with other people are possible, and they don’t have to serve a grander purpose, or pay off in a tangible way later, or even last forever, to be worth it.

You long for more excitement in your daily life; there may be enough drama going on in the wider world, but your own days feel dull. There are so few chances to act, to be part of something, to show others (and yourself) what you’re really made of. If you wait for a big, shiny opportunity to come along this week, you’ll likely be disappointed, but if you look for smaller, more mundane opportunities, you’ll find them in abundance. And every time you do something brave, every time you take a risk (no matter how small), your heart will open. You’ll remember how good it is to be alive.

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