What Julia Roberts Said to Travis Kelce Revealed: Lip Reader

A lip reader commented on the viral interaction between Julia Roberts and Travis Kelce during Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour stop in Dublin, Ireland, on June 30.

Kelce, 34, was joined by Roberts, 56, in the VIP tent at his girlfriend’s concert when a fan recorded a TikTok video of the two getting physical.

The video, which saw Roberts tickling and rubbing the athlete’s arm as they talked and Kelce laughing and placing his hands on the actress’s arms, quickly took the internet by storm.

Travis Kelce was joined by Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts in the VIP tent at Taylor Swift’s concert in Dublin. Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

Critics specifically named the Oscar winner.

Lip reader Jackie Gonzalez shared the clip via Instagram and gave her opinion on the exchange.

According to Gonzalez, Roberts allegedly told Kelce, “‘I’m so unusually happy for you guys, and I don’t want to make you nervous, but it makes me so happy.'”

Gonzalez is a deaf artist, social media star, and contestant on the 2023 Netflix series “Squid Game: The Challenge.”

A TikTok video captured a moment between Roberts and Kelce. Getty Images for Chopard

Kelce’s interaction with the ‘Notting Hill’ star, who has been married to Daniel Moder since 2002, came during Swift’s third and final performance at Aviva Stadium.

After the show, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end was seen with the 34-year-old musician as they happily waved to fans.

A lip reader translated the interaction between Kelce and Roberts during Swift’s concert. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The couple was doing well, but outsiders still reacted to the conversation between Roberts and Kelce.

Julie and Edward Glaser, the parents of comedian Nikki Glaser, ridiculed the two after they went to the same show.

“She’s so gross,” Julie said of Roberts in a video on Nikki’s Instagram Monday. She also said Roberts’ behavior with Kelce was “weird.”

“Isn’t that a bit much?” added Nikki, 40. “She just wants to get in there.”

Outsiders reacted angrily to the exchange. Getty Images

Edward also criticized the “Pretty Woman” actress, claiming that Kelce was “trying to get away from her.”

“She’s trying to French kiss him right now! I’m just kidding. That’s what she would do,” Julie said.

They later apologized for their comments in videos they posted on Nikki’s Instagram.

“I probably should have said something other than the word ‘gross,'” Julie said. “It’s a weird word. It’s not a nice word … So I apologize now for using the word ‘gross,’ but I think it’s really weird.”

Taylor Swift gave her final performance in Dublin on June 30. Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“I just meant weird, not dirty and weird. So leave the dirty alone.”

In the background, Edward teased her that it was “too late” for Julie to take back her comments.

The Grammy winner also suffered an accident on stage during her third performance in Dublin.

Swift was singing “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” from her latest album, “The Tortured Poets Department,” when she got stuck on a raised platform.

Swift suffered an accident onstage during her performance of “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived.” Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

The part of the platform she was standing on did not retract to stage level after it had been raised. Luckily, one of her backup dancers came to her rescue.

Stevie Nicks also attended Swift’s concert in the Irish capital.

Swift praised the legendary artist before singing “Clara Bow,” which specifically mentions Nicks.

“She’s a hero of mine and also someone I can tell every secret to and she would never tell anyone,” Swift told the crowd before she performed. “She’s really helped me through so much over the years. I’m talking about Stevie Nicks.”

Kelce has now attended several Swift concerts since they started dating in September 2023.

Kelce has attended several Eras Tour shows. Stephen Lovekin/Shutterstock

“It all started when Travis put me on his podcast really cute, which I thought was metal as hell,” Swift said of the beginning of their relationship in her December 2023 Time’s Person of the Year interview.

“We started hanging out right after that,” she added. “So we actually had a significant amount of time that no one knew, which I’m grateful for, because we got to know each other.”

Kelce also spoke candidly about the romance in an interview with WSJ Magazine.

“It all started when Travis put me on his podcast really cute, which I thought was metal as hell,” Swift said of the beginning of their relationship in her December 2023 Time’s Person of the Year interview. Erik Messori for NY Post

“Obviously, I’ve never dated anyone who has that aura around them… I’ve never had to deal with it,” he said of Swift’s fame. “But at the same time, I don’t run away from it.”

The Eras Tour kicked off in March 2023 and became the highest-grossing tour of all time after generating more than $1 billion in revenue. Her final show is on December 8 in Vancouver, Canada.

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